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What is Employee PC Monitor?

Employee PC Monitor software is a surveillance software designed to keep watch on employee computer activities to improve productivity and protect corporate resources. You can prevent unacceptable behaviour online at work time, using website blocking feature. Get alert on email if objectionable text is typed on computer. Employee PC Monitor helps you analyze the recorded data on employee's machine from any machine connected in LAN. Data is recorded in a repository configured by you.

A workplace research study from International Data Corp (IDC) reported that 30-40 percent of employee Internet access time was not work-related. Other statistics: 21-31 percent of employees had sent emails divulging sensitive information, such as intellectual property or trade secrets, outside of the corporate network; 60 percent of all online purchases are made during work hours. In the United States, the annual loss in productivity through online goldbricking is estimated at 40 percent. Get emails of snapshots capured, or data typed on mail using easy configurations in Employee PC Monitor

Awards and recognition
Libertix keylogger award

Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, 2008/2010/2012, 32&64bit
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What data is collected by Employee PC Monitor?

Libertix keylogger snapshot view Snapshots:

On every mouse click a screen photo is taken. Nothing can go unseen from this feature. All web sites visited, applications run, all computer use is logged with respect to applications in this feature. So you will be able to see what user has done on which application like say Firefox, paint, word and everything.

Libertix keylogger keyboard view Keyboard:
Apart from snapshots all text that is typed on keyboard will be logged. This means anything that is written on computer is logged. Like things searched on google, email typed, text written on chats, text written on notepad, word, excel and all.
Libertix keylogger Clipboard view Clipboard:
Everything that is copied is captured. Let it be some text from notepad or from any application. It also tracks files copied/pasted. List of file names is kept. If file is a photograph or picture then it is captured as picture and you will be able to see which picture is copied. It not only keeps track on local disk but also on USB pen drives.
Libertix keylogger Websites view Websites:
All websites visited are captured. User can also block any objectionable websites of his/her choice including http and https both.
Libertix keylogger Files view Files:
Record for files created/deleted/renamed are kept in this feature.
Libertix keylogger Programs view Programs:
Any program/software opened by user will be captured.

Our best features

Receive logs/alert email Receive logs/alert email
Websites blocking Websites blocking
You can configure your email address to receive snapshots taken periodically and all the text typed on keyboard through email anywhere. You can configure alert text in keyboard view, so that email is sent instantly as soon as the text you configured as alert text is typed on your computer by any user.
You can configure website view, to block objectionable or any website of your choice, so that your family is safe when you are not around.
Two layer security Two layer security
USB blocking USB blocking
A special combination of keyboard keys pressed all at once known as ‘hot key’ will show a password window. Don’t worry if someone presses this hot key combination by accident, as he/she will need to have password to access the logged data.
Employee PC Monitor allows you to block USB storage devices, like pen drive and card readers. So that any operations on USB drives like copy, paste, running programs is blocked.
Invisible Invisible
Automatic data cleaning Automatic data cleaning
Employee PC Monitor runs invisibly. It is invisible even in task manager, not listed in installed programs. No shortcut on Desktop or in start menu is created. Button to uninstall is accessible through Hotkey and password only.
Data is collected and kept for number of days for which it is configured in settings. default is 7 days. Employee PC Monitor automatically keeps recent data for these many days and will clean old data. You will be always able to see data for days set in settings.
Easy configuration Easy configuration
Easy navigation Easy navigation
Already configured with default settings, default settings can be changed from settings option for every user, every type of view. If you want to receive log data by email then you need to configure email details from settings window. You can enable/disable any type of data collection for any user. You can also specify exceptions (applications to be excluded from data capturing) for each type of view.
Very intuitive design. It takes step by step to view available data. Also every view has group by application button so that you can view data captured on that particular application. Every view also has play/pause slideshow option on the same window, so you can play and watch the activities happened on your computer hassle free.
Easy installation Easy installation
Very easy installation procedure shown on download page slide show. Product gets installed lightning fast, within few seconds.
How to configure data repository?
How to block websites?